Friday, August 7, 2020

Braindead in Seattle

So long, Seattle. It was nice knowing you.

You would think that this is a parody, something out of the Babylon Bee or the Onion. In truth, it is happening in Seattle, and perhaps in other locales. The people who do not care about what happens to black minds have taken over school systems and are teaching children how not to do math. Because arithmetic is, you guessed it, racist.

If you want to ruin the lives of black children, the best and most effective way is to deprive them of an education. You can declare that it is racist to discipline students and that disruptive students cannot be expelled or suspended. Better yet, you can teach social justice arithmetic, because that will ensure that children will not know how to count, will never learn algebra or calculus. While you are imagining that we can compete with China, consider this fact, stated succinctly by Gerard Vanderleun (via Maggie’s Farm):

In China they’re doing advanced calculus. Here our mentally deficient are arguing about 2+2.

We have also made the point. Elon Musk made the point. It’s not China’s fault that we refuse to prepare our children to compete in the real world, in the world of technology.

Here is the template for math education in Seattle:


urbane legend said...

What does it mean to make a mistake?

If you are an anesthesiologist who first studied math in Seattle, it means you kill someone because you don't understand ratios, converting fractions to decimal, decimal to percent, and so on.

Time to start asking doctors about his/her/zir education all the way back to first grade. If in Seatlle, I will cut him/her off, say thank you, and leave.

Random Chance said...

This strikes me as the liberal arts graduates (for whom math is already hard) trying to turn hard science into one of the soft sciences that they're more confortable with. Instead of exploring the relationships between numbers as abstractions of physical realities, they've decided instead to explore the relationship of "math" to individuals and society. This does absolutely nothing to teach the understanding of the relationships of numbers and how they can be taken apart and reassembled to create different things, and everything to make an already abstract concept even more muddled and confusing. In short, this will make kids hate and fear math even more - which one can only assume is the end goal. The ideas of mathematics, that numbers can be disassembled, regrouped, and reassembled into other numbers is inherently creative, while injecting the concepts of power and oppression into a strictly factual study is inherently reductionist and destructive.

For the left class and power dynamics, groupings and distinctions, and manipulations of societal arrangements are the only fields of study. Everything else flows from these squishy concepts and must be understood through that lens. In order to save education in this country there must be a hard expulsion of all political concepts and moral judgement in STEM education (and a healthy dose of it in the history curriculum as well - but that's another topic), which means that in no case should a teacher/professor who cannot constrain their politics to their personal dealings be allowed to teach these subjects, or to define curriculum for those who teach. Which of course is exactly 180° from what the left demands.

I think this is actually what will happen eventually, simply because it is what is required for survival. The process won't be clean or pretty, because the left will never willingly admit their incompetence and surrender their power. Whether it is done from within (civil war, regional factionalism, ideological purges) or imposed from without (Chinese imperialism) it will happen eventually because it has to.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

Good comments, UL and RC-- thank you both.

370H55V said...

The intro is good, but the real fun starts at 1:33

Sam L. said...

Where does power and oppression show up in out math experiences? When idiots get there.
And do we have loads and gobs of idiots!

Korora said...

Wasn't 2+2=5 what Big 666 told Winston Smith?

Anonymous said...

This type of questionnaire betrays an underlying inferiority complex from blacks. They have be hoodwinked into believing they can't do math because they are stupid. That's the message. So the apologists come along and say - well maybe your not stupid, you are just different and any difficulties you experience in life or in getting the goodies created by western culture are due to white oppression.

Nobody points out the most whites in North America and Europe are rooting for the blacks to succeed and make money and join in the big poker game.

The options left by questioning objective facts like math are bleak indeed. This stuff is worse than rap music - which is a river of shit that holds back black accomplisment.

Anonymous said...

I'm an English teacher in Warsaw, Poland. Last May, I had an AI engineer from Serbia share the following video.
At the time, I thought it was a sarcasm. Little did I know it was prophesy.