Tuesday, September 15, 2020

A Warped Axis of Perpetual Resistance

This morning Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the United Arab Emirates’ minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. In it he outlined the reasoning behind his country’s decision to normalize ties with Israel.

I recommend the entire column to your attention.

In it we read a slightly veiled rebuke to those Western nations and peoples who opposed the new diplomatic agreement. That would include, as reported on this blog, the European Union and leftist Europeans.

These latter are enamored of the Palestinian lost cause and despise Donald Trump. As you know, leading Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden have pooh-poohed the agreement. They have managed to forget that the last Democratic administration sided with Iran and Palestinian terrorists against Israel and the Gulf Arab states. Then again, we all know that, at their age, they are probably losing their memory.

Anyway, the Emirati foreign minister wrote this:

Normalizing ties between the United Arab Emirates and Israel is a historic diplomatic breakthrough and a hopeful sign that progress in the Middle East is possible. Last week came an announcement that Bahrain would also normalize ties with Israel. This is an opportunity for a fresh approach to tackling the region’s challenges. In an area and era all too rife with bad news, it elevates opportunity and optimism over conflict and defeatism.

Overcoming these forces will be difficult. Non-Arab countries and a mob of nonstate actors exist in a warped axis of perpetual resistance. They advocate one brand or another of extremism. They are nostalgic over lost empires or obsess over a new caliphate. They produce and thrive on conflict, disorder and instability. They bash America, Israel and the U.A.E. They have been the most vicious critics of normalization.

The phrase "a warped axis of perpetual resistance" can also be applied to certain political movements within America.

Of course, the diplospeak conveniently ignores the Arab opponents of the deal, but, such is the world of diplomacy. In truth, Western leftists are the force producing Palestinian intransigence. Ergo….

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Sam L. said...

This is good. The Palis never miss a chance to miss a chance, and boy, are they missing this one! They're down in their hovels singing, "Poor, poor, miserable us". And sharpening their grudges.