Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Psycho Analysis and Rape

Just in case you thought I was exaggerating when I connected psychoanalysis with rape. (See my post from September 27:The End of the affair. 

The following is from Sophie Robert's Twitter. I will translate it loosely, but accurately:

How dare you say that a married woman who has been raped can experience an unheard of pleasure. The phrase comes from psychoanalyst Pierre Marie. He offered it as an introduction to a course on psychoanalysis at the Ecole Normale Superieure-- one of France's most distinguished universities.

« Comment dire a tous qu’une femme mariee qui a subit un viol y a decouvert aussi, stupefaite, un plaisir inconnu ». Phrase d’intro d’un seminaire de psychanalyse 2020-2021 dispense a l’ENS par le psychanalyste Pierre Marie. L’ENS complice de l’apologie du viol conjugal?


Anonymous said...

Old joke: Therapist = the rapist

Giordano Bruno said...

Post modern is just shorthand for 'anything goes'. Or, as Dostoevsky noted, without God, anything is possible.

So why should anyone be surprised that the entire modern enterprise should be filled with attempts to make what is indecent, decent?

When I peel back the core of my desire, what I find is, and should be, locked and chained in the basement until the moment of my death. People encouraging me, or anyone else, to let this thing roam the earth are insane, and should never be permitted near the levers of power or influence. This is why we have currently mobs roaming the streets.