Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Who Is RPG?

A headline, ripped from the Daily Mail. Don't they have editors over there? Can you spot the error?


JPL17 said...

Apparently, all their editors are 20-something role-playing gamers

urbane legend said...

Rocket propelled grenade? Role playing game? Ginsberg was both.

Sam L. said...

Ruth "Pader" Ginsburg?????

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Willard has time to #%@& things up. Just wait. He’ll be “gravely concerned” about something of “great importance.” Just watch it unfold.

Don’t doubt me. Trump’s nominee could’ve put the black Barbies in the back of the line to take a ride in the Barbie Corvette compared to the white Barbies.

Never underestimate the intentionally malignant stupidity of the Democrat Party — and the efficacy of that stupidity in the realm of so-called “public opinion.”

It’s going to be a circus, whoemever gets nominated.

She could be a conservative Native American, Ba’hai, lesbian, Hawaiian, Basketball-lovin’, Oprah worshipping, Judge Judy loving, NASCAR aficionado, marijuana-tolerant, NPR listening, San Francisco hippie guru who thinks the United States Constitution is AWESOME!!! She uses an Apple computer, drives a VW Beetle, and Phish is her favorite #%@&9mg band. Most of all, she drives an electric vehicle... in support of Barack Obama’s “common sense” environmental reforms. She believes RBG was the bravestest Supreme Court Justice in the WHOLE history of the world. Word.

For real. Legit.

Every Democrat will vote against her because of the first word in my description. It’s all over after “conservative.” And we all know why.