Friday, September 11, 2020

Meanwhile, in the Middle East

In the meantime President Trump’s Mideast diplomacy is advancing. No one pays attention to world historical success. The nation, like a bunch of screeching children, has been thrown into paroxysms of outrage over something that Trump said to Bob Woodward. 

For the record anyone who thought it would be a good idea for Trump to sit down with Woodward for seventeen hours should be looking for a new job.

And now, from the Middle East.

Two days ago the Palestinian Authority asked the Arab League to condemn the new deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Considering that the Arab League has reflexively uttered anti-Israeli statements for as long as anyone can remember, you have a right to be surprised to see what happened, as reported by al Jazeera:

Palestinian leaders won renewed Saudi support for Palestinian statehood on Wednesday but failed to persuade the Arab League to condemn last month's normalisation deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

At a video conference of foreign ministers, the Palestinian leadership softened its censure of the UAE over the US-brokered August 13 accord - to be formalised at a signing ceremony at the White House next week - in the hope of getting more Arab support, but to no avail.

"Discussions regarding this point were serious. It was comprehensive and took some time. But it did not lead in the end to agreement about the draft resolution that was proposed by the Palestinian side," Arab League Assistant Secretary-General Hossam Zaki told reporters.

According to a Palestinian diplomatic source, the Arab League dropped the draft resolution condemning the controversial Israeli-UAE agreement.

While this was happening, both Saudi Arabia and Bahrain announced that they would allow flights between Israel and the UAE to fly over their territory.

Also, given that the Emirates expects more tourists from Israeli, it has instructed hotels to offer Kosher meal options. From the New York Post:

Authorities in Abu Dhabi sent a memo Tuesday instructing all hotels in the city to offer kosher food and beverage options, anticipating a surge in Israeli and Jewish travelers following the landmark peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

The Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism pledged its commitment to serving “all visitors and tourists in the emirate of Abu Dhabi” and advised hotel managers in the Emirati capital to include “kosher food options on room service menus and at all food and beverage outlets in their establishments.”

The department also instructed hotel establishments ”to seek kosher certifications for the handling of kosher meals,” and designate an area in all kitchens for kosher food preparations.

Surely, we would call that progress.

For the record the final accord will be signed at the White House on September 15.

And then, from Bryan Preston, the Trump administration brokered a peace between Serbia and Kosovo. Both countries will move their embassies to Jerusalem:

Both Kosovo and Serbia announced last week that they will open embassies in Jerusalem, a huge move that has largely gone underreported. Just the United States, Guatemala, and a few other countries have moved their embassies to Jerusalem or are considering the move. Kosovo and Serbia add to that number and are the first European nations to do so.

Preston concludes:

At this juncture, the Palestinians cannot stop other Arab states from normalizing relations with Israel, as they in principle have decided that their national interest precedes that of the Palestinians’, albeit they will still push and promote the idea of establishing a Palestinian state.

Guess who loses in this scenario (besides the Palestinians, if they continue to reject peace).

Trump’s Israel-UAE deal establishes a foundation for real peace, helps our allies diplomatically and economically, all at the expense of Iran, Hizballah, and Hamas.

Contrast this with the disastrous Obama-Biden Iran capitulation, which sent billions in cash to the autocratic mullahs and allowed Iran to take steps to get closer to nuclear weapons capability.


David Foster said...

"For the record anyone who thought it would be a good idea for Trump to sit down with Woodward for seventeen hours should be looking for a new job."

Did Trump never hear this song?

Giordano Bruno said...

"For the record anyone who thought it would be a good idea for Trump to sit down with Woodward for seventeen hours should be looking for a new job."

This is true.

Sam L. said...

The Palis never miss a chance to miss a chance.