Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Leftist Puppet Masters

Just in case you haven’t heard enough about Vicky Osterweil and her crusade against small shopkeepers, Daniel Greenfield fleshes out the story. (via Maggie’s Farm) You will be happy to learn that transgendered Vicky, who used to be called Willie, married one Sophia Lewis, a suitably Marxist lesbian, who calls Vicky her “wusband.” Will the brilliance never cease.

The happy couple resides in the tony confines of West Philadelphia, an area that did suffer some vandalism and looting by Black Lives Matter protesters. But, not to worry. It was only a minor inconvenience.

Greenfield explains:

Sophia might be gay and Vicky might be transgender but they were a conventional enough couple living the hipster dream in a gentrified area of West Philly, and touting a gift certificate to an antique shop that they had received as a wedding present. The sort of thing you do when you’re trying to smash capitalism, and abolish the family along with private property.

Right after you get married and pick up something nice at the antique shop.

The Black Lives Matter riots and the looting trashed parts of West Philly, but it doesn't seem to have done much to disturb their idyllic world of community gardens, social justice yoga studios and punk hair salons. And even if it did, unlike their proprietors, Vicky and Sophia can move on.

These hip radicals are certainly not suffering from the actions that they have been encouraging.

The ugly truth about Marxist capitalism-smashing hipsters is that they are the least exposed to the consequences of their theories. When a third of Philly pharmacies were robbed in a coordinated campaign by gangs coming in from outside the city, it had a major impact on black senior citizens getting their prescriptions, but not on an upscale white hipster power couple.

Spending your twenties and thirties deconstructing everything is the luxury of the upper class. It’s the hobby of people who don’t really have jobs or a family depending on them for support. That’s why the deconstruction is fundamentally unserious. After writing a book calling for the abolition of the family, Vicky and Sophia got married. Vicky’s living in West Philly where the riots and the looting are going on, shopping for antiques, and writing a book in defense of looting.

Vicky declaims against small businesses, but they are precisely the people she ought to be defending. It’s the poor who will suffer. It’s the poor who will see their work go up in smoke. It’s the poor who will find their neighborhoods uninhabitable. 

Of course, neither Vicky nor Sophie are black. They are self-appointed puppet masters, inducing others to live out their ideological fantasies, impervious to the damage being inflicted on the people they pretend to care about.

The small businesses that Vicky Osterweil ridicules provide their owners with some measure of independence. The looters turn them into subjects of the same sort of massive corporate monopoly that Osterweil claims to hate, yet ultimately champions and makes his money from.

Osterweil preaches in defense of looting in the name of the black community. But the death of small businesses hits black communities hardest. Shopping online is a lot easier if you have a credit card or a checking account. Portions of the black community have neither. Wiping out street retail in urban areas not only guts neighborhoods, it turns retail into wealth privilege.

Upscale areas will still have street level retail once the Black Lives Matter riots die down. But the poorer black areas hardest hit by them won’t. The white leftists promoting looting will still have their quaint cafes, punk hair salons and social justice yoga studios that Vicky and Sophie rave about, they’ll also have local supermarkets like Whole Foods, owned by Amazon, groceries, restaurants, boutiques, coffee shops, and the rest of the hipster detritus of gentrification.


whitney said...

They don't care about small business because they know small business owners Trump voters. Or if not Trump voters just on the right. They know this, they're perfectly happy to watch all small businesses be destroyed. Unless I have one then they want one not to be sacrificed. But just one

Giordano Bruno said...

Nah, they thought they could play that game. But the monster is loose, and it has a taste of freedom. It will not take much effort to nudge it toward the hipster homo parts of town. Lot's of shit to take and fools to beat in hipstertown. And that's not far from leftist lawyertown.

That is what the right should be working on; an incentive program to encourage the monster to hit the white leftist parts of town, the streets with the white pussies and their BLM ("we support you, don't burm my shit") yard signs. This ends when the black mob turns on the rich white pussies who have been egging them on. And the cops can stand by and watch.

Black gangs need a red pill; they are being led around by the nose by fat, white tranny with purple hair. That must gall them at a certain level. Black men are not woke about that; they do not buy any of that globohomo nonsense (and neither do the Mexicans). Once they understand who their master is, they will kill the master. And I support the monster in his efforts to identify their creator.

urbane legend said...

Do you suppose Vicky and Sophie will rush out into the street proclaiming their woke downess with the struggle, and offering their willing submission to avoid being beaten into submission and then being consumed by the monster?

I'm thinking they will, but it won't gain them a thing. Good scene for a movie, though.

Giordano Bruno said...

I wrote that script already, Urbane. Batalla de Los Angeles. Mexicans attack white ruling elites, swarming the hillsides of Los Angeles, they have all the security codes. Tim and Susan replay the scene in Mars Attacks when the aliens meet the peace-nicks, but this time with machetes instead of ray guns. Heads become soccer balls in a glimpse of ancient Aztec warrior games. We need a new Frog Hollywood to let the creative hatred for the ruling elite pour out. People would watch. Money to be made.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

And today the Department of Homeland Security sees the specter of WHITE SUPREMACY!!! (cue chiller music) as America’s greatest security threat. For real.

Everyone (yes, everyone!) can plainly see that white supremacy has gone mainstream, that’s why we see all the “far right” groups burning buildings, marching in the streets, rioting, refusing to social distance, and making corporate America fund all their activities. It’s the third rise of the Klan! All blacks, Jews and Catholics must run for their lives! The Klan makes the NFL and NBA cower in fear. Neo-Nazi high school clubs are in the rise.

If the COVID doesn’t get you, the burning crosses and hooded highwaymen on horseback will. Be very, very afraid. Racism gas been underground for decades, but now is back on the streets for all to see. Maybe Biden is a secret agent of apartheid-era South Africa.

I wonder what David Hogg thinks of all this. Maybe CNN will call Hogg and ask him.

Sam L. said...

I can only say that IAC hath NAILED it.