Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Annals of Woke Parenting

Another sad tale from the annals of woke parenting. 

Parents of a three year old girl want her to grow up to decide her gender for herself. It is so profoundly stupid that it takes your breath away. The husband, in particular, a wuss if ever there was one, live his ideological fanaticism and takes it out on his child. He is forcing her to avoid all girly clothes.

Now, as it happens, said woke parents have been dressing their daughter as a boy. But, mirabile dictu, the girl, having attained age 3, likes the color pink. And she especially likes pink dresses. The mother is at her wits end over this. She is inclined to respect the girl’s wishes to be pretty in pink. The father-- though it is a stretch to use the term to define him-- takes serious offense at it all.

So, in the great and eternal war between nature and nurture, parents who are trying their darndest to negate nature, have discovered that nature has a way of fighting back. One understands that the current mania over transgenderism is yet another way of pretending that we can negate nature. 

This comes from people who are out in force worshipping the great goddess of Mother Nature and who want to throw you in jail for defiling Her by using a plastic straw. Have you noticed that this crowd can’t think straight?

Keep in mind, the woke crowd often insists that its dogmatic opinions are science.

Anyway, here is the letter, quoted by Slate advice columnist Jamilah Lemieux:

My husband and I have a frequent disagreement on our 3-year-old and her love for dresses and all things pink! For the first two years of her life, she was constantly mistaken for a boy because she wore gender-neutral clothes. We direct her towards books and other media that do not represent traditional gender roles (no sparkle princesses!). We ask friends and family to refrain from commenting on her appearance and clothing, if they can help it, and to instead focus on skills or interests. However, our daughter adores the color pink, insists on wearing dresses, and is currently obsessed with accessories. I am fine with this, though I hope it will be a phase.

After a few battles about wearing her sole pink dress when it was dirty, my daughter and I did some online shopping together and she chose a few more dresses to order (all of them were pink, obviously). My husband is unhappy that I encouraged her obsession by purchasing the dresses and letting her wear some of my old jewelry. He gets annoyed when dresses get tangled while climbing a rock or running and says that dresses and accessories aren’t suitable for doing most things. I appreciate his commitment to raising our daughter without gender stereotypes, but I also want to encourage her to make her own choices. I feel like if we push back too hard on her love for dresses and jewelry, it will backfire, and she will only become more obsessed! Help!

—Pretty Annoyed With Pink

Lemieux’s analysis is completely incoherent, and thus, not worthy of extensive quotation. In effect, she seems to sympathize with the little girl. I will note that while the mother refers to her daughter with feminine pronouns, Lemieux change them all to the neutered "they."

She does, however, understand the reasoning underlying the father’s actions:

It seems to be that the goal for shielding a child from gendered clothing and activities would be to allow them to define their identity without having it assigned to them by their parents and society at large. 

Yet, the truth is, that gender is not assigned arbitrarily. It corresponds to a biological reality, not merely the shape of the external genitalia, but the existence of trillions of gendered chromosomes. To declare all of that to be irrelevant is to abuse a child. Such nonsense sometimes leads to biochemical and surgical mutilation.

One sympathizes with the mother who is trying to protect her child from a woke father, a father, incidentally, who is engaging in appalling child abuse. The man should be in jail.


Unknown said...

One hates to say it, but perhaps the father wanted a boy.

urbane legend said...

Have you noticed that this crowd can’t think straight?
This crowd can't think at all.

A three year old has no idea what any of this sex/gender business means, and doesn't need to. That a father would push this child in a certain direction is certainly child abuse.

Both parents should be taken into the town square and beaten senseless. It won't take long.

Anonymous said...

The child HAS chosen her gender but the father refuses to accept the choice. The child is the only one in this family with any intelligence.