Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Candidate Senility on Parade

The wit and wisdom of a senile presidential candidate. Or some such.

Yesterday, Joe Biden emerged for a few minutes to deliver prepared, scripted remarks about the violence that his supporters have been committing. And, of course, to threaten the country with more violence if it dares vote for Donald Trump again.

For our edification and our entertainment, he managed to put forth a Bidenistic word salad:

Covid has taken this year, just since the outbreak, has taken more than 100 year, look, here’s, the lives, it’s just, when you think about it.

No wonder the radical left wants all schools to stop teaching English grammar.


Giordano Bruno said...

And Politico and others cleaned up his mess and repackaged it as a 'good speech' by including only the semi-lucid parts. Andy Sullivan was impressed on Twitter. Nice to see he got heckled by a normal getting out of the limo. "Nice to see you've come out of your basement, Joe" Then he got lit up on fracking. No reporters, no off-script, no interaction, just virtual Joe in a new location. And our shitmedia pretends this is all normal. They would elect Stalin if he was running on the Democratic ticket. There is no Democratic candidate, only an orangemanbad mindset.

whitney said...

This is hilarious. Its Biden sign language interpreter trying to keep up


trigger warning said...

This is an image of the... crowd:



Sam L. said...

Nailed it, you have, Stuart!!

urbane legend said...

There was grammar involved in that?

Anonymous said...

Canadian here. Strange days indeed. The US is putting Biden on the ticket - a man who is losing his mind by the month. Canada is enduring a Prime Minister who clearly never had much of a mind to begin with.

Why is stupidity flourishing so much this decade? I don't mean lack of wisdom, I mean lack of IQ.

Anonymous said...

He's right! When you think about it. What, it is, no one knows. That is the mystery of Biden.