Sunday, September 6, 2020

Biden Fails to Lead

Remember when little Kamala stepped forth onto the stage to tell the world that when Joe Biden mumbled something about forcing everyone to wear face masks-- that that was what real leadership looked like.

It was an idiotic statement, a pathetically embarrassing line, but it was about what you would expect. It was the last we have seen of Kamala Harris on the campaign trail. She will need a makeover to make it appear that she is up to the job-- of running the country.

Anyway, the Biden campaign and its satraps are hard at work sliming Donald Trump. If the coronavirus death rate in America is significantly lower than that of most other countries, the fault must lie with Trump. If America’s federal system delegates authority to state governors, and if state governors like Cuomo and Murphy et al, have horridly botched the coronavirus reaction-- producing far more than their fair share of deaths-- the fault must be Donald Trump’s.

No one seems to notice, but if a president is to exercise authority over state governments, state governments have to accept being led. Such is not the case today. America’s political atmosphere is so toxic that governors have been doing their best to reject all offers of assistance from the federal government. Better thousands of deaths in nursing homes than making use of the hospital ship and the Javits Center infirmary that had been set up by the Trump administration. There, that will teach them!!

So, now we have American cities suffering an insurrection, with rioting and looting and arson attacks on a nightly basis. All the cities are run by Democrats. All the states that comprise them are run by Democrats. All of the mayors and governors who are either defunding the police departments or telling them not to intervene are democrats. All of the local prosecutors who are refusing to prosecute rioters are democrats.

Of course, the federal government cannot, except in the most extreme cases, send troops into these cities. If it does, the news media will be out screaming that the Nazis are coming. It’s pathetic, especially since the Antifa radicals are basically Storm Troopers. But the local leaders, with the exception of the governor of Wisconsin, refuse to call in the federal government.

Why might this be happening? First, because if the National Guard can quell riots that state authorities cannot quell, it will make state authorities look weak and wimpy. Second, if the National Guard can quell riots that states cannot quell it will make the federal government and the Trump administration look good. And we cannot have that.

Better to see tens of billions of dollars worth of damage. Better to see hundreds of injured policemen. Better to see an insurrection sweeping the nation than to make Trump look good. That is today's Democratic Party-- descended into madness.

Anyway, the local and state leadership will never accept any suggestions from Donald Trump. And yet, what about the leader of the Democratic Party, Joe Biden? Why would Joe Biden not put in a few calls to these state and local leaders and tell them to stop the rioting, to put it down.

And why has no one ever asked why the leader of the Democratic Party, a man who little Kamala thinks is exercising real leadership, cannot actually take the lead on these issues?

Perhaps, he wants the issue more than he wants peace and quiet in America’s major cities. Perhaps he fears a backlash from his base voters. Still, when the NBA was in turmoil over the shooting of a man who was wanted for the rape of a child, one Barack Obama picked up the phone and called Lebron James. Apparently, Obama told James to stop the boycott and get back to basketball.

Why could Biden not do the same with state and local Democrats? What else does it mean to be the leader of the Democratic Party?

While we are at it, I would remark another simple fact, one that has been overlooked in the current maelstrom, Ask yourself how many of the cities that are burning down are being run by strong empowered women leaders?

From Seattle to Chicago to Washington, D. C. to Rochester-- including the state of Oregon-- many of these cities are being run by women. And the women who are running these cities look decidedly weak and ineffectual. They are anything but strong and empowered.

Of course, the laws of identity politics tell us that it doesn't matter whether they can do the job. They are female, and therefore we must all say that they are doing a great job and that the fault for everything that goes wrong lies with Trump. Because straight white males are always at fault for everything.

To be fair and to be perfectly woke, other leaders, like Wheeler in Portland and de Blasio in New York are so completely in touch with their feminine sides that they make these women leaders look strong and empowered.

No one is going to mention it, but the current chaos sweeping certain major American cities is a blow against women leaders.

As opposed to these leaders, Joe Biden does a very good tough guy imitation. He is even better at it than Hillary-- who was pretty good at it.

When Biden asked whether his was the face of a weak-kneed radical socialist, one was tempted to reply that he has so much work done on his cosmetically enhanced face, that… how can we know?


Giordano Bruno said...

It’s called Civil War. Michael Anton gets it. They are lining up to take the whole enchilada. The military is the last redoubt. No accident they chose that turf. I wonder how many GOP boomers understand the playbook.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Biden says he wants a national mask policy because of the COVID.

Biden lives in his basement because of the COVID.

Biden cannot go to the Democrat National Convention because of the COVID.

Then Trump goes to Kenosha despite the COVID.

Then Biden goes to Kenosha because Trump went to Kenosha despite the COVID.

Biden says we have to live in fear of the COVID. Trump says we have to move beyond the COVID and live our lives.

Who’s the leader? Not the guy cowering to the COVID. The COVID is a virus. We’ve dealt with viruses before, and we will in the future.

I don’t care if Biden doesn’t think he looks like a socialist. Look at who his allies are. Socialists who use the COVID as a convenient excuse to impose totalitarian rules akin to house arrest and martial law. Yet we simultaneously have Leftist loons who are somehow immune from the COVID, and authorities address this madness with catch-and-release programs after months of rioting. The COVID doesn’t affect violent revolutionaries. Strange disease.

Everyone knows this lockdown policy is a farce. Trump wants to open up, Biden wants to double down on senseless policies.

Sam L. said...

As I keep saying...1) Trump should tell ALL Democrat governors that there will be NO federal clean-up/fix-up money for their cities. You didn't attempt to stop it; it's on YOU. All you guys can live in your own personal Detroits.
Also, when you have a democrat mayor and a democrat governor, you are a two-time loser. Three-time loser if you have a democrat president.

Freddo said...

A politician that wants to be re-elected is going to be careful how he tells the democrat governors to get stuffed, because he is also telling all voters that still have expectations of the empty democrat promises that voting for him is not going to make them whole. A sad and venal state of affairs, but there we are.
So Trump would be better of saying for example how those blue states don't seem to have any issues affording layers on layers of bureaucrats, with red tape chasing away job creation.

sestamibi said...

'Ask yourself how many of the cities that are burning down are being run by strong empowered women leaders?

"From Seattle to Chicago to Washington, D. C. to Rochester-- including the state of Oregon-- many of these cities are being run by women. And the women who are running these cities look decidedly weak and ineffectual. They are anything but strong and empowered."

And that's not all. Add in the women governors in some of those states--Oregon, New Mexico, Michigan--who are also less than useless.

But you left out the most ominous aspect of rule by women: Soros-supported female prosecutors (many of them black) in such places. Boston, the Bronx, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, Contra Costa County CA, Arlington County VA (not to mention male counterparts in Philadelphia, Portland, Dallas, San Francisco). What happens ultimately when whites discover that the law applies only to them?