Sunday, September 13, 2020

Schindler's List Fails Diversity Test

You are familiar with the new diversity standards being imposed by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. In order to be considered for a best picture Oscar a film must meet a certain number of diversity criteria. It’s a good way to destroy filmmaking-- or at least those filmmakers who still care about best picture Oscars.

Speaking of Oscar, remember Oscar Schindler, about whom a best picture winning film was made by Steven Spielberg. Now, the Babylon Bee reports (somewhat cheekily) that the Academy is going to strip Schindler’s List of its Oscar, for lacking diversity.

Will the stupid never cease?

Here is the story:

BEVERLY HILLS, CA—The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has stripped Schindler's List of its Best Motion Picture award for not having enough LGBTQ+ characters, people of color, and other oppressed groups.

"Schindler's List would have been a great movie if it just had a dozen transgendered characters," said Le'Jon de Froofroo, spokesperson for the Academy. "As it is, there are just a bunch of Jews and Germans -- very privileged races."

"Also, the movie has Nazis -- this is the current year, for goodness' sake!"

Steven Spielberg has been ordered by the Academy to re-release the film with an unnecessary LGBTQ+ side plot, a gay roommate for Schindler, and a song and dance number set to a Lady Gaga song over the end credits if he wishes to re-earn the Academy Award. Otherwise, it will be re-awarded to Brokeback Mountain.

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urbane legend said...

Wait, wait; I thought all the German officer corp around Hitler were LGBTQ+ characters! Goering was all of those at once, except the T, I think.

Eric said...

The Babylon Bee is a satire site. Funny as heck, and _just_ this side of reality. Glenn Reynolds calls the Bee America's new Newspaper of Record.

Anonymous said...

Urbane -

You may at one time have read "The Pink Swastika" , by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams describing the significant homosexual involvement in the upper ranks of the Nazi movement.

The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party is a 1995 book by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams. Drawing on Samuel Igra's 1945 book Germany's National Vice, Lively and Abrams argue that the crimes committed by homosexuals in the Nazi Party exceed the persecution of homosexuals in Nazi Germany and that homosexuality contributed to the extreme militarism of Nazi Germany. - Wikipedia

Pdf link here:

- shoe

PS - I also just saw this link to Dr. Judith Reisman's (pdf) commentary on the Lively/Abrams book:

Excerpt from Reisman:

"Hitler’s Silence on Homosexuality in Mein Kampf

Writing of those days in The Mass Psychology of Fascism, radical German
sexologist and Hitler contemporary, Wilhelm Reich, warned that Nazi leadership was both ideologically and actually homosexual. Almost as an aside, Reich noted Nazi
leaders such as “Bluher, Roehm.... Rosenberg” represented Hitler’s fascism, which was, Reich said, “a male state organized on a homosexual basis.”

But, the confirmation of a Nazi homosexual bias are found in the formal writings
of Adolf Hitler himself, in the bible of the Nazi movement, Mein Kampf [My Struggle]. Here the reader meets up with page after page of Hitler’s outspoken hatred of Jews, Marxists, Negroes, Chinese, Arabs, women, and all Eastern Europeans along with his overwhelming worship of power and disdain for Judeo-Christian morality alongside his strategy for world domination. In his introduction to Mein Kampf, Konrad Heiden
reconfirms Hitler’s hatred for Christianity, as he viewed the “belief in human equality” to be a Jewish plot, made popular due to “Christian churches”.

Hitler here outlines who he and Germany should hate. He hid nothing.
Jews and the like were subhuman, they were “parasites” “vampires,” “liars” “cowards,” “traitors,” among other adjectives.

However, search the Nazi manifesto for any animosity, contempt, much less
disgust of homosexuals. To do so is to search in vain. In point of fact, as Reich knew personally, Hitler eulogized and venerated the archetypal super macho Aryan male, for whom women were seen to serve the role of breeders for the race of supermen. The Furher’s contempt for women is made vivid by the abnormal way in which he used his niece and the few other women close to him, including Eva Braun."

urbane legend said...

I was aware of the The Pink Swastika but have not read it. Thank you for the links. I now have something to do this week.

Giordano Bruno said...

There is a psychological difference between a top male homosexual and a bottom male homosexual. Different creatures, different predilections. Must never say this in public, however. Top male homosexuals are often very vindictive.

The Nazi elite was filled with S&M top male homosexuals. I know of the book. Good mention. It is not something that is permitted to be discussed in our current intellectual climate.

Buy a copy, it will soon disappear.

Anonymous said...

Claude Dansey was a homosexual British SOE director who burned a substantial number of British agents and French Resistance fighters in Occupied France.

n.n said...

Transgender is politically congruent ("="). So Pro-Choice. Let us bray.