Saturday, September 26, 2020

The Religion of Peace Strikes Again in France

The religion of peace is at it again. Yesterday, terrorists in Paris attacked two people on the street with a meat cleaver. The terrorists apparently associated them with the dread Charley Hebdo magazine, magazine that had had the temerity to publish caricatures of the prophet Mohammed. The occasion that spurred the attack was the trial of the accomplices of the radical Islamists who had terrorized the magazine and other parts of Paris.

As it happened, the police gunned down the terrorists. The French authorities apparently did not even read them their rights first. 

It makes it hard to understand why a certain unnamed country is now trying to force its Muslim population to assimilate.

The religion of peace respects everyone else’s culture. Or not. As a sidelight, a day before yesterday, a woman in Strasburg, France was punched in the face on a city street for the crime of wearing a short skirt. The same happened to two other women in the French city of Mulhouse a couple of days previously.

Like I say, assimilation is alive and well in France. It is, except when members of the religion of peace are out imposing their culture on the open-hearted French.

Anyway, the Wall Street Journal reports on yesterday’s cleaver attack, and the prior terrorist actions against a satirical magazine. Nothing is quite as offensive to the religion of peace as humor:

Two people were seriously wounded in a knife attack near the former office of Charlie Hebdo that prosecutors are investigating as a possible terrorist act, more than five years after gunmen opened fire in the satirical magazine’s newsroom.

By now it is well established that the attack was terrorism:

The assault began late Friday morning when a man wielding what appeared to be a butcher’s knife approached and began stabbing two employees of a television production company who were taking a cigarette break in front of their office, according to a person who viewed video surveillance footage of the attack. One of the victims fled to a nearby street and was pursued by the attacker, the person added.

The incident occurred on the Rue Nicolas Appert, the street where Charlie Hebdo’s office was located at the time of the 2015 massacre, police said. Police had two suspects in custody, including a man who authorities said identified himself as a native of Pakistan.

The cleaver attacked was timed to coincide with the trial of the accomplices of the dead terrorists. The Journal reports the details, for your edification:

Earlier this month, France opened a trial of alleged accomplices in the attack on Charlie Hebdo and a deadly assault days later on a kosher grocery store. The magazine, which has since relocated its office, recently republished the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad that triggered the attackers. A media group affiliated with al Qaeda’s offshoot in Yemen released a statement encouraging attacks in France as a response to the republication, according to the Counter Extremism Project, a nonprofit.

Officials were investigating Friday’s attack as a terrorist act because of its timing during the trial and proximity to the old Charlie Hebdo office, and because of “the attacker’s obvious desire to take the lives of two people he knew nothing about,” Paris Prosecutor Remy Heitz said when visiting the scene.

As for what happened in 2015, the Journal details the events:

On Jan. 7, 2015, Chérif and Said Kouachi stormed the Paris office of Charlie Hebdo wielding AK-47 rifles. After gunning down a receptionist, the two brothers reached the second floor, where reporters and cartoonists were holding their weekly editorial meeting. In a burst of gunfire, they killed eight staffers, one guest and a police officer serving as bodyguard to the magazine’s editor in chief. They also killed a police officer as they fled.

Two days later, police cornered the Kouachi brothers inside a printing house northeast of Paris. As police surrounded the facility, a third gunman, Amedy Coulibaly, took hostages inside a grocery store, threatening to kill them if the Kouachi brothers were harmed. Four people died at the store.

The three gunmen were killed in simultaneous raids hours later. Islamic State released a video days later calling Mr. Coulibaly its soldier. Al Qaeda’s offshoot in Yemen claimed responsibility for the attack on the magazine.

The Journal correctly reports that the other terrorist attack took place in a kosher grocery store. 

Doubtless, I do not need to remind you, but when the events in Paris went down, America’s president-- Barack Obama-- refused to say that the attack by Islamist terrorists on a kosher supermarket had anything to do with anti-Semitism or with Jews. And he refused to say that the Islamist terrorists were Islamist terrorists. Jeremiah Wright taught him well-- he had become a portrait in cowardice.

At the time he said:

It is entirely legitimate for the American people to be deeply concerned when you’ve got a bunch of violent, vicious zealots who behead people or randomly shoot a bunch of folks in a deli in Paris.

So, Obama refused to declare Islamist terrorism against a kosher supermarket a terrorist anti-Semitic attack.

From that you must conclude that Donald Trump is an anti-Semite. After all, he is wildly popular in Israel. And Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu aid that Trump has been a great friend to Israel and to the Jewish people.

Now you can easily understand why supposedly Jewish tycoon Michael Bloomberg is putting a ton of money into the effort to defeat Trump. And to put Obama's vice president in the White House-- to undo the Trump legacy and to empower anti-Semitic terrorism in the Middle East.

Way to think clearly, Mike.


Sam L. said...

The Stupid is STRONG in Blomberg...

Sam L. said...

"It sounds reasonable. It sounds like a perfectly appropriate exercise of one’s rational faculties-- not lumping all situations together because the victims were black."

"Reasonable" IST VERBOTEN!!!!11111!!!!!!! (As we all know.)

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg is representative of kamikazi Jews like my family who blithely ignore Trump's historic peace deals. They apparently prefer a return to the glorious Iran deal that cemented their idol Obama's legacy.

Giordano Bruno said...

I am a practical man. Based on a mountain of historical and direct empirical evidence I have gathered throughout the past 30 years, I long ago reached the conclusion that Islam produces far too many people who are violent, aggressive, and intolerant both to other faiths and to no particular faith. It is a backward and retrograde cult, and I would never allow significant numbers of Muslims into the country as practicing Muslims. Islam is incompatible with western liberal democracy. I don't care what they do in Yemen, but do not invite them here. Every nation that has ignored this sound position is paying dearly for their sentimental tolerance. Go look at the Muslim pockets in America and honestly tell me we are all better off for having them here. Dearborn? Minneapolis? I rest my case. They are not like us.

Since my sound immigration strategy will not be followed (you cannot even say that out loud in cancel America), I recommend arming yourself. Guns are best, but good pepper spray + gun works, too. You simply must be able to defend your life as things deteriorate. The idea of some abstract authority protecting you is magical thinking. It's childlike. Being strong, capable of fighting, and trained to do it (I like Krav Maga, myself) is already a powerful deterrent. Being armed in addition is the best one. Forming a tribal posse to protect yourself and your family is going to be the new status symbol for the 20's. I would expect our society to begin incentivizing men like Louis Buchalter once again. In some respects, I welcome them. Imagine BLM trying to tear down Columbus statues in Philly in 1975. Me, either.

All predators, at some primitive level, choose what appears to be the weakest targets. If you are a bad choice, they get the next guy. Watch the riot videos. Notice the big, muscle-bound cops are unmolested? Notice the attackers go around them to get a fatty or a woman? If you are lethal, you will project lethality, if you are weak, they will chop you with a meat cleaver.

Most people have a little animal in them that will fight ferociously to stay alive. Big or little, that animal is fearsome. Go look at raccoons who go nuts. Find that critter and train it. It is an existential part of us. Keep it well fed. You'll need it.

You are welcome to vote, but this shift is already well underway. The rot goes much deeper than politics. The best influence is local; take control of your county. Put hard right prosecutors in. Arrest BLM on sight with long sentences. No permissions for protests given.